These are my pinboard links for October 1st through October 4th:

  • Home – Indiana Entertainment Foundation – Indiana musical history organization, preserving and promoting entertainment from Indiana.
  • One Rothko per hour – A Rothko painting per hour, perfect for those who use them for reflection and joy.
  • Remote Work Guides | Twist – Collated by doist, a set of guides for practices on remote work – overview, operations, management, etc.

    <blockquote>Best practices for starting, managing, and scaling a remote team from the world’s most successful distributed companies.</blockquote>

  • Microsoft Teams UserVoice – Uservoice forum for Microsoft Teams – raise new requests, vote on existing requests, and track community desired features and changes.
  • 5 Easy-to-Implement Tips to Improve Your Relationships – A list and discussion of five things that can help form better connections with others.

    1/ Never meet a stranger.
    2/ Icebreak
    3/ Reflect at a high level
    4/ Reflect at a transactional level
    5/ Connect Connect Connect