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A bunch of Podcasts

Friday, May 15th, 2020

A collection of podcasts I listen to – not all every episode, not each every week. Sometimes I’ll go weeks at a time and declare bankruptcy. Sometimes I’ll binge a bunch at once. And this is (!) an incomplete list.

The links within are via Pocketcasts, my preferred cross-platform listening tool of choice. Your preference may vary, but a clickthrough of the links will take you to the original…

  • 10 Things That Scare Me – brief interviews with people famous, infamous, and otherwise covering things which cause them alarm – dark secrets to the mundane.
  • Against The Rules – podcast by Michael Lewis on various topics – political, personal, etc.
  • AHIMA Hi Pitch – podcast on health information topics by AHIMA (AZ’s organization). Not a topic you think would be of general interest – but it is.
  • Akimbo – Seth Godin is a marketer and coach, but his brief podcast often delves into personal improvement and thinking.
  • All Songs Considered – periodic programme from NPR on popular music; the core team is also key to Tiny Desk Concerts, which are quite popular in these parts.
  • Almost Tangible:Macbeth – an audio retelling of the Scottish play; limited series of 7 episodes
  • The Argument – NYT podcast with usually Ross Doutat, Michelle Goldberg and Frank Bruni – opinion based coverage of current topics
  • The Axe Files with David Axelrod – Interviews held at the Institute of Politics @ UC.
  • Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott – Interviews on Tech and Society by Microsoft’s CTO. As much policy as geekery.
  • Best of Today – snippets of news and interviews from BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.
  • The Big Takeover Show – Radio show hosted by Jack Rabid, longtime editor of Big Takeover magazine. Mostly rock.
  • Blamo! – discussions on fashion and lifestyle, hosted by Jeremy Kirkland
  • Bob Dylan: Album by Album – what it says on the tin…
  • Broadcasting House Weekly news roundup and discussion from BBC Radio 4. Charmingly hosted by Paddu O’Connell.
  • Business Casual – Business and entrepreneurial interviews from Morning Brew newsletter.
  • Career Tools and Manager Tools – overlapping podcasts about managing and being an employee – deep dives on topic spaces, often running across multiple episodes.
  • Comedy of the Week – one episode selected form BBC Radio 4’s comedy programming per week.
  • The Daily – one longform story a day, or story behind the reporting – from the NYT.
  • Deep Dish on Global Affairs – interviews conducted by the team at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on current topics.
  • Desert Island Discs – long running programme from the BBC where notables and celebrities select eight tracks they’d take to a desert island. The archive runs in the thousands!
  • Dissect – longform discussion of notable albums – one album per multi-episode season (e.g. My Dark Beloved Fantasy, or this season’s Lemondade).
  • Distributed – discussions on remote and distributed work environments, hosted by Matt Mullenweg of Automattic.
  • Everything is Alive – interviews with commonplace objects (a lampost, a grain of salt)
  • Friday Night Comedy – weekly news-oriented comedy from the BBC. Rotates between the News Quiz (an antecedent to Wait, wait…), The Now Show, Dead Ringers (like the TV show, but no puppets), et al.
  • GZero World – Ian Bremmer of GZero interviews journalists and thinkers on international and other issues.
  • In Our Time – Discussions on the history of ideas and other topics from Melvyn Bragg of the BBC.
  • Israel Story – This American Life (literally – they interviewed Ira Glass in s01e01), but Israeli.
  • KEXP Song of the Day and KEXP Music That Matters – a daily and weekly mix from KEXP in Seattle; generally contemporary, but wide ranging and suitable for many tastes.
  • The Kitchen Sisters Present – archival footage and stories from the former NPR correspondents.
  • The Last Archive – Podcast on mystery and the nature of truth with historian Jill Lepore. In truth, I haven’t listened yet (it just premiered), but it feels like it could be good!
  • Lost Notes – longform stories about a specific music topic or artist.
  • Making… – podcast from WBEZ that has done series on the early stories of Obama and Beyonce
  • Marlon and Jake Read Dead People – Novelist Marlon James and his editor discuss books, usually by old dead white men.
  • Maximum Rock N Roll Podcast – archival recordings of the radio associated to the seminal punk zine.
  • The National Podcast of Texas – weekly interview and roundup from Texas Monthly magazine.
  • Public Official A – WBEZ series about the Rod Blagojevich experience.
  • RA Podcast – mixes and music from electronic music magazine Resident Advisor.
  • Reply All – curious stories about the intersection of internet life, real life, and people.
  • Says Who – weekly rants and discussion of the current situation hosted by Dan Sinker and Maureen Johnson.
  • Slightly Foxed – cozy podcast from the editors/owners of Slightly Foxed Press and magazine.
  • Song Exploder – discussions with artists and producers about how a particular song was written, crafted, or produced.
  • South Side Stories – tales aligned to the Comedy Central show South Side
  • Today in Focus – Daily long form news story or story behind the story – this time from The Guardian.
  • Unlocking Us with Brene Brown – newish Brene Brown podcast of interviews and personal development.
  • The Watt From Pedro Show – Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges) radio show recordings – runs the gamut from folk to jazz to punk.
  • What A Day – daily news analysis from Crooked Media — funny, acerbic, grumpy

Bookmarks for February 17th through March 14th

Monday, May 4th, 2020

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Bookmarks for October 1st through October 4th

Friday, October 4th, 2019

These are my pinboard links for October 1st through October 4th:

  • Home – Indiana Entertainment Foundation – Indiana musical history organization, preserving and promoting entertainment from Indiana.
  • One Rothko per hour – A Rothko painting per hour, perfect for those who use them for reflection and joy.
  • Remote Work Guides | Twist – Collated by doist, a set of guides for practices on remote work – overview, operations, management, etc.

    <blockquote>Best practices for starting, managing, and scaling a remote team from the world’s most successful distributed companies.</blockquote>

  • Microsoft Teams UserVoice – Uservoice forum for Microsoft Teams – raise new requests, vote on existing requests, and track community desired features and changes.
  • 5 Easy-to-Implement Tips to Improve Your Relationships – A list and discussion of five things that can help form better connections with others.

    1/ Never meet a stranger.
    2/ Icebreak
    3/ Reflect at a high level
    4/ Reflect at a transactional level
    5/ Connect Connect Connect

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Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

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