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  • links for 2010-08-08

    The listserv, one of the Internet's earliest innovations, is still one of its best. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine Manjoo on the charm and benefits of the classic discussion in email (tags: email listserv collaboration)

  • links for 2010-08-02

    Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever everyone saves it, because it is a great list (if, as @mwhybark notes, quibbleworthy) (tags: journalism magazines essays writing kevinkelly)

  • links for 2010-07-10

    Reading in a Whole New Way | 40th Anniversary | Smithsonian Magazine Kevin Kelly on changes in reading and thinking (tags: technology reading knowledge learning interactiom) Hopeful Monsters and the Trough Of Disillusionment – Blog – BERG Excellent review of the idea vs hype lifecycle. (tags: Hype technology)

  • links for 2010-06-21

    Billings MT Tornado From the MG list, some neat shots from a list member. All persons, property, and LBCs were unharmed. (tags: Storms tornado weather)

  • links for 2010-06-14

    Oily Bits and Pieces – June 14, 2010 interactive map from NOAA on the deep water spill (tags: energy, visualization)

  • links for 2010-05-15

    neon marshmallow fest Experimental Music festival – 19-22 August 2010 in Chicago (tags: chicago music experimental noise)

  • links for 2010-05-14

    Faceblock | Code Sorcery Workshop Local firewall to block unnecessary Facebook connections, in pursuit of some privacy. OS X only. (tags: Facebook privacy firewalls osx)

  • links for 2010-05-12

    Meeting Schedule Help: vs. TimeBridge — TECH cocktail Online tools to assist with the cat herding of schedule coordination (tags: Meetings collaboration software)

  • links for 2010-05-09

    Serious Eats: Mobile: Recipes: Lamb with Cumin and Chiles Spicy lamb recipe, for noodles or sandwich purposes (tags: Food lamb cumin recipes cooking)

  • links for 2010-05-05

    Nokia phones tap Microsoft mobile app | Wireless – CNET News OCS 2007R2 based chat, presence and directory application for selected S60 phones (tags: ocs nokia mobile)

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