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Kanye Living

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

It’s difficult for me to get a grasp on Kanye. Some great work, some disruptive breaks, some need for space and patience.

GQ published a long interview earlier this year with him "Inside Kanye West’s Vision for the Future", which didn’t do much to help but did do much to flesh in the large outlines.

He’s a man who clearly thinks big and marshals resources effectively – but also so polymathematic that it seems hard to see them all coming to fruition. But the work described herein – a new buffalo – smacks of many references, not least of which to me was Arcosanti.

Still to watch.

City Living

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Sadly (but promotionally!) hidden behind a paywall, but Tim Flannery‘s piece on Cities "The First Mean Streets" in a March NYRB is intriguing. Playing off two books against one another the piece effectively shifts this reader’s perception of early cities from post agricultural mercantile and social aggregations to maintaining something potentially more sinister. Were residents citizens or serfs? Were the walls to keep out, or keep in?

Further intriguing thoughts on how parlous the first cities were, what the options available to individuals may have been, etc.

Startup Life vs Faith Life

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

This piece from a not-too-ancient Wired, Deliver Us, Lord, From the Startup Life, has a glib headline, but does try to cover some interesting topics – notably, how does one start or operate a business in keeping with a central code of ethics, without burning oneself out.

It’s interesting to see this bound to "startup life" (though it’s clearly good target coverage), as faith-aligned businesses are certainly prominent and longstanding. Also missing – how would these discussions and deliberations be altered (or would they?) by different faiths? For a flippant example, how does Marie Kondo’s animist practices cover her recently sold business? What of business people who practice within islamic credit facilities, etc?

Small Town Newspapers: Marfa, Texas

Monday, July 20th, 2020

My magazine reading tends to lag by weeks or months, so I’m just coming across this lovely piece from the October Texas Monthly – Long Live the ‘Big Bend Sentinal’, Viva ‘El Internaticional’. It’s a lovely not too long read (10m) about the life and turnover of two regional newspapers. I won’t spoil the ending, but if you’re like me and read lots of these media articles with a sense of trepidation, this is a rewarding one.

Related, this piece from Texas Monthly from 2006 profiling one of the Big Bend Sentinel’s reporters, Sterry Butcher. You’ll come for the hominess, stick around for the raciness.

Want to read the source? Check out Big Bend Sentinel Online.